The Top 4 Benefits of Home Staging

If you’re looking to sell your house or condo quickly without compromising on your asking price, then home staging may be the perfect tool to consider. But staging your home is going to require more than a deep clean and some nice decorations! It’s really more than rearranging your belongings to show your home in the best possible light. Staging your home helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in it. You want to make that image of home as real and approachable as it can be. After all, you’re selling someone their new home, not just any old house.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

There are several good reasons to stage your home. For one, a staged home is likely to sell much faster. According to some estimates, over 90% of professionally staged homes sell in one month or less. Imagine you were looking at two houses. The first one is cluttered – cables sprawled everywhere, stacks of papers on the kitchen table – and the furniture is awkwardly arranged. Sure, it looks lived-in, but does it inspire tranquility and relaxation? Probably not. The clutter is weighing you down and degrading your experience. The second home is much tidier: there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. But there’s more to it: there’s room to breathe in this house. Everything is peaceful and orderly – just the way you want your home to be. Which house would you prefer?

Staged Homes Appeal to a Broader Range of Buyers

Any buyer will be impressed by an artfully arranged, visually appealing space (a staged home). In fact, many buyers looking at higher price ranges will simply expect to see a staging before they even consider purchasing a property. Why rule out this demographic from the very beginning? Why alienate potential buyers by presenting anything less than your home’s full potential? A home staging helps even the pickiest buyer visualize living in the space and assures them that the space is well-maintained.

Staged Homes Sell Higher

The less time your home spends on the market, the better. As the months go by, you’re likelier to lower your asking price in an effort to attract buyers. Selling your house fast means you can stay closer to your original price. Not only are you dispensing with the stress of selling your home much more quickly, but you’re also making more money from the sale overall. In today’s sluggish housing market, staging your home boosts your chances of a sale substantially.

Staged Homes are Easier to Market

Staging your home improves every aspect of your marketing strategy. Photos of an artfully arranged home are a much better advertisement of your home than candid shots of last night’s party in your living room. Better photos all but guarantee a higher response rate when you’re listing online. You’ll appear more organized and professional to your potential buyers – after all, you’re spending time and money to make your home look its best. And that’s really the ultimate goal of home staging: showing the buyer what makes your home – your castle – special.