Ditch the Smartphone: Why You Should Choose a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Photos are more than half the battle when it comes to getting potential buyers to view your home. But before you start snapping photos on your phone, think carefully about the impression you want to make. You want to convey as much information about your home as you can, but you also want to portray your home in the best possible light. A professional real estate photographer will do both. Professional-quality photos are the secret weapon in your marketing toolkit. Read on to learn more.

Professional photos nail the first impression

More people than ever are house-hunting online. And it’s the photos that will make or break your listing. With the vast majority of buyers searching online (more than 90 percent), your photos can reach a huge market of interested buyers.  Keep in mind that you are competing for their attention with a huge pool of sellers. You need to set yourself apart.

A visual image stimulates a powerful emotional response, and you want to use it to your advantage. You want people to fall in love with your home! After all, the goal of the online listing is to motivate people to book a viewing.

Professional photos highlight the best features of your home

A professional photographer will make your home look irresistible to potential buyers. Firstly, he will capture every detail that makes your home unique, from the beautiful stone fireplace to the afternoon light pouring into the living room. These are your home’s selling points. They help your home stand out from every other property on the market, so capitalize on them!

Secondly, he will use lighting and angling to craft the most appealing shots of your home. A professional photographer will make every room look fresh, bright and airy. Even the best smartphone app on the market can’t beat the professionals when it comes to correcting for shadows and fluorescent lighting.

Professionally photographed houses sell faster and higher

Better photos can boost your selling price. Mid-range homes photographed with high quality cameras sell by up to $11,200 more than their original list price. All homes are also more likely to sell, and to sell more quickly, with professional photos. Think of it like this: as time goes on, you’ll probably lower your asking price in order to attract buyers. But until you sell, you’re still paying taxes, maintenance, and maybe even a mortgage on the property. You’re losing money at both ends the longer you wait to sell. Professional photographs can help take your home off the market much more quickly – and that’s money in your pocket.

The bottom line on using a professional real estate photographer

Investing in crisp, richly colored, professional-quality photos is one of the best things you can do to sell your home. Once you’ve properly staged your home, taking fabulous photos is a snap. A professional home photo portfolio will only set you back about $100-$200, but it will reward you many times over.